Renewable Energies

The renewable energy sector is experiencing a great expansion.

Undoubtedly, in the future the weight of these energy sources will increase. That’s why at teltesk it is one of the areas where we are most present and carry out the largest number of projects. Within our scope of work we differentiate 2 main areas:

  • Photovoltaic Solar Energy
  • Wind power
Solar energy

Solar farm maintenance

At teltesk, through our drones and equipment, we carry out studies on the maintenance and performance of solar panels. Through Thermography we can detect and measure performance, helping to always maintain the best possible production capacity. We streamline and optimize work by increasing scanning accuracy and speed. We are also Class 2 Thermographers endorsed by the ITC.

“We scan in a few hours what would take days with traditional methods”
Wind power

Turbine maintenance

As in the photovoltaic area, we also offer wind turbine maintenance reports. We can scan several turbines in the same day, increasing speed and precision considerably. As well as the increase in safety as no operator is needed to work at height.
We also have software and analysis tools that allow us, together with our Thermograph Class 2, to produce an accurate report on the state of the blades by analysing changes in temperature.

Solar and Wind Energy


We also carry out topographic studies related to the construction of solar farms and wind turbine installations. Earth movements to improve or optimize slopes, 3D model generation of the terrain, soil study, etc. For more information consult the Topography section.