About us

TELTESK [TELematic TEchnology & SKy].

Born in the south of Spain with the aim of offering services through the use of unmanned aircraft, better known as drones. We have several years of experience in the field of engineering and the development of projects at different scales.


Advances in the aeronautical world have made it possible to open a new field of work that allows the use of aircraft whose crew operates them from the ground. This has resulted in a great reduction in size, weight, as well as use and maintenance costs. These are the pillars on which we are based at TELTESK, offering our clients a new and innovative form of services that allow us to carry out tasks and studies that previously involved a great logistical and economic effort.


Apart from having the most modern aircraft on the market, these are equipped with photographic material and high precision technology that allow us to work with a great level of detail and data for our clients.


We are a young, dynamic and open group, trying to respond at all times to the needs of our clients in a wide range of fields and areas nationally and internationally. Our team can advise you in 5 languages and has offices in Spain and Germany, in this way we cover all types of jobs in Western Europe.


Our strong point is the field of renewable energies, the world of unmanned aircraft as well as that of renewable energies share many similarities, both fields use novel and alternative ways of obtaining results that in the past involved a greater economic effort, personal and above all a greater environmental impact. With the use of our drones, we carry out multiple works in synergy with solar and wind energy installations. For more details about this and other fields of work consult our service area.